IPhone 8 Vs. Iphone X – What to buy?

You are going to look at the Apple store and realize there are two new options available to you. They are not presenting a singular option because there is demand for variation. They know there are segments of the market looking for something unique that hasn’t been done before by the brand and that is where the iPhone X comes into play without buttons.

Here is a look at which one is going to work out for you.


Do you want buttons on the iPhone?

The iPhone X is the first step into the world of no buttons for Apple. It has removed all of them. Is this what you want? Do you want to have a home button? If yes, you will be able to go with the iPhone 8.

Face ID

You are looking at the Face ID feature that comes with the iPhone X. This is something they were looking at including recently and it does work well. It is quick, accurate, and simple to set up. For those who care about the extra layer of security and don’t want the simpler fingerprint setup, this is the only phone that is going to do it in the Apple lineup.


The iPhone X is a better phone when it comes to the specs you are going to get and it makes sense considering you are paying more for it. The components are the best you are going to get from Apple right now.

This doesn’t mean iPhone 8 is a slouch in this race but it doesn’t have everything the iPhone X brings to the table.

In the end, it is all about your preference whether you are ready to fork over extra money or want to stick to the iPhone 8 with its home button. It is up to you.

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